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The rich array of world-class facilities and amenities are the primary reason that sets this residential condominium tower apart from other condominiums in Metro Manila. Therefore, it is important to know the facilities and amenities offered to determine if McKinley Park Residences are worth the investment.

The quality of the building and its facilities are the primary area of focus when determining if this condominium is of world-class quality. The tower features a beautiful and modern entrance lobby with a reception and security counter. There is also a CCTV system in place to ensure round-the-clock monitoring on a few common areas within the building. Aside from the security cameras and personnel, the entire building is equipped with a fire sprinkler system and automatic heat and smoke detection.

The building is also equipped with an elevated water tank and underground cistern. Hence, you won’t have to worry about not getting enough supply of water or the quality of water itself. All floors are also built with annunciator panel with emergency speakers; this is to ensure that all residents are easily alerted during emergency situations and for efficient evacuation, when needed. If that is not enough, each unit is also built in with intercom that connects directly to the reception counter. This is a good way to have your needs addressed by the appropriate staff and for security purposes, especially if you have visitors coming in. And to ensure modern conveniences for its residents, there is standby power generator for common areas. In the case of power interruption or blackout, you can still have access to power if needed.

The aforementioned building features are designed to meet the discerning taste for residents at McKinley Park Residences. Hence, you won’t have to sacrifice comfort and convenience in order to make your condo living experience happen. In addition to the building facilities, there are other world-class amenities that are available for residents to enjoy. For example, the ground floor has been dedicated as a commercial area. Residents who like to do some shopping and indulge in retail therapy can do so without even stepping out of the building. Everything is made available for your convenience and to save you time!

Aside from the commercial area, there is also a landscaped garden in this residential condominium. This landscaped garden will provide an oasis in this urban setting. You can us this spot to relax, meditate, and just relax after a tiring day. The garden is open for all residents of McKinley Park Residences.

  • Entrance Lobby with Reception/Secrity Counter
  • CCTV Monitoring of Selected Common Areas
  • Three(3) Passenger Elevators & One(1) Service/Passenger Elevator
  • Automatic Heat/Smoke Detection and Fire Sprinkler System
  • Elevated Water Tank and Underground Cistern
  • Annunciator Panel with Emergency Speaker at all Floors
  • Intercom Per Unit Connected to the Security/Reception Counter
  • Overhead Water Tank and Underground Cistern for Ample Water Supply
  • Building Administration Office
  • Standby Power Generator for Common Areas and Selected Outlet in Each Unit
  • Individual Mail Boxes
  • CCTV Monitoring of Selected Common Areas
  • Fitness Center
  • Commercial Area on Ground Floor
  • Landscaped garden
  • Lap Pool
  • Swimming Pool and Children's Pool
  • Jogging Path
  • Children's Playground
  • Function Room / Game Room
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If you are more into an active lifestyle, McKinley Park Residences also offer a wide range of amenities to satisfy your need to stay active. There is a fitness center that you can use to workout or engage in your favorite sports activities. There is also a jogging path so you can do some cardio exercises without going out. In addition, there are three types of pools available at this condominium. The first one is a lap pool, which is the ideal option for serious swimmers. There is also a regular adult-sized swimming pool for those who want to go for a leisurely swim. And finally, there is also a swimming pool for kids.

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